Please follow this LINK for more detailed descriptions on open positions for the 2023-2024 school year. Thank you for your support!


The BEST PTO is seeking parent/guardian volunteers to fill the following open positions!  We would be grateful for the participation of new individuals in any of these roles. Please visit the Sign-Up Genius to select volunteer roles and/or contact the Co-Presidents at if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities.


Open Coordinator/Liaison Positions

Davis Liaison, 2023-2024 (Filled)

  • Handle Davis specific events, requests and questions
  • First point of contact for Davis specific committee chairs
  • Manage Davis advisory board election (does not need to be done until 2024-2025 school year)
  • Other possible opportunities include: (1) Assisting with Kindergarten Bus Run (name tags and snacks), (2) Assisting with Kindergarten Screening, and (3) Assisting with Field Day


Spirit Wear Coordinator, 2023-2024 (Shadow Needed to take over 2024-2025 School Year)

Show your school spirit! The BEST PTO raises funds for our school and community activities whenever you purchase your school t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and other items! The store opens via Tricon Sports twice a year in the Fall and Spring. The spirit wear team assists the coordinator in working with vendors (generally just a handful of emails for each sale), and promoting the events through PTO emails, displaying signs, etc.


Event Coordinators (Needed for Various Events)

Event coordinators are needed to plan Davis and Lane community events. The event coordinator is responsible for overseeing the planning process and ensuring that all aspects of the event are coordinated. This includes tasks such as creating a timeline, organizing supplies, coordinating with the appropriate PTO Board members (Treasurer, Communications, etc), school staff and other volunteers. 

Time Commitment: Leading up to the event- approximately 1-3 hours per month for meetings, emails, setting up Signup Geniuses to find volunteers, and purchasing/organizing any items needed. More time may be needed in the few weeks/days before the event. 


Events in Need of Coordinators: 


Restaurant Night Coordinator, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • The BEST PTO Restaurant Night Coordinator will work directly with local restaurants to organize restaurant night fundraisers.  With each take-out or dine-in order placed at the designated local restaurants, a portion will go directly to the BEST PTO.  You are not responsible for coordinating families' individual reservations! In the past we have worked with Chipotle, WeCo, Red Heat Tavern, Ken’s, and more.  Restaurant Nights will be communicated to the Davis and Lane Community via BITS from BEST Newsletter. 

Read-A-Thon Committee, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Event held in March around National Reading Day
  • Coordinate start and end dates with principals at Davis and Lane. 
  • Provide reading logs and sponsor forms to all students. 
  • At the end of the event, announce outcomes to the community. 


Lane Baseball Day Coordinator, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Coordinate with school and staff regarding details
  • Create Sign-Up Genius for volunteers
  • More responsibilities noted in documents
  • Event runs in the Spring

Hearts-A-Glow Committee, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Event will be held in February before February Vacation Week
  • Help coordinate activities for day of event with committee members
  • Promote event and establish volunteer needs

Color Run Committee, Needed for 2025 Event (3+ Positions Open)

  • Event is hosted in May
  • Help plan one of the most fun and popular events of the year in Bedford! We are looking for volunteers to join the committee to help plan the event! The Color Run is BEST PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year and will take place in June. This event raises money for Davis and Lane Elementary Schools.
  • Various roles (at home preparation and day of) needed to help make this event successful. 


Fall Fundraiser Coordinator, 2023-2024 (Shadow Needed to take over 2024-2025 School Year)

  • Every fall, the BEST PTO raises funds through the sale of gifts, gourmet foods, wrapping papers, and other products that can make holiday gift giving much easier. 
  • Time commitment depends on fundraiser- catalogs or cookies planning/commitment starts during summer (<1 hour). Fundraiser done by Nov. Distribution of flyers, catalogs or order forms at both schools as well as order form collection and submission of orders to vendor by scanning or mailing (~2 hours total). Checking order form accuracy, depositing money and communicating answers to questions ongoing during fundraiser duration (2 hour total). Possible recruitment of volunteers and product distribution (2-3 hours)


5th Grade Committee, 2023-2024 (2+ Positions Open)

  • Connect with Lane principal and lead staff coordinator to collect details and needs for the following events: Fifth Grade Talent Show – Assist teachers with the production of the Spring Fifth Grade Talent Show (organize volunteers, assist backstage (day/evening), Fifth Grade Challenge Day (coordinate volunteers), Puberty Unit Kits (spring)
  • Puberty Unit includes: Order bags, pantiliners, pads and non-antiperspirant deodorant for all students. Get count of boys and girls from Erin Post or other staff lead. 


Rising Kindergarten Team Coordinator, 2023-2024 (OPEN)

  • Late spring and late summer time commitment 
  • Kindergarten Screening (Late Spring) – Held at Kids Club location. Reach out to school community for volunteer interest. Help greet, check in, photograph, and chaperone incoming Kindergarten students in the Spring. Host a PTO table with information. BFC hosts a separate Kindergarten Info Guide. 
  • Kindergarten Bus Run (mid-August) Help distribute children’s name tags and snacks, and answer questions during the practice bus run in August.


Staff Appreciation Committee, 2023-2024 (2+ Positions Open)

  • We are looking for helpers to join the Staff Appreciation team!  The staff appreciation team organizes smaller appreciation events throughout the school year.  If you like to think of creative ways to show appreciation for our wonderful Davis and Lane teachers and staff - please consider joining this team! 


Teacher Appreciation Week Committee, 2023-2024 (3+ Positions Open)

  • Create Sign-Up Genius for each school to fulfill needs for the week.
  • Plan and coordinate special activities to help recognize our teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week in May.
  • Coordinate budget with Treasurer. 


Friends of Lane Lobby & Science Center, 2023-2024 (Shadows needed to take over for 2024-2025 school year)

  • Help create "exhibits" that are on display in the math and science corner in the Lane Lobby which provides kids the opportunity to explore and learn about various things.


Lane Lost and Found Coordinators, 2023-2024 (Shadows needed to take over for 2024-2025 school year)

  • We are looking for one person to keep an eye on the lost and found area at Lane.  Responsibilities include tidying up the area 1-2 times/month and taking occasional pictures that can be included in the BEST BITS PTO weekly newsletter to remind families to check the lost and found.  At the end of each semester, the coordinator will compile all of the remaining items for a donation. Time Commitment: 1 hour per month at most.


School Supplies Coordinator, 2023-2024 (OPEN)

  • Help sort, label, and distribute school supply kits to classrooms at Davis and Lane Schools, approximately 3 hours of manual labor in late August. 
  • Send out Sign-Up Genius for volunteers to help sorting.
  • Get list from teachers and principals before putting into the system. Orders go out in June. 
  • Begin process in January. 


Davis World Language Program Coordinator, 2023-2024 (Shadow Needed)

  • Coordinate volunteers to teach a 30 minute class before school in the Davis Library once a week.  


Celebrating Our Differences, 2023-2024 (OPEN)

  • Planning and school volunteers are needed to help during interactive activities with students.  Activities will help students engage in a dialogue, experience and celebrate our learning and play differences. Help our students take a walk in someone else's shoes! Online sign up sheet will be distributed during early Spring.

Please contact the Co-Presidents at if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities.



Co-Presidents, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Work with the Executive Board in creating a yearly budget, facilitate community-building events, and ensure that PTO resources are used to support and enrich curriculum goals. 
  • Work together to help lead monthly PTO board meetings and monthly principal meetings (alternating Davis and Lane Elementary each month). 
  • Work together to manage the Davis and Lane advisory board election. 
  • Monthly meetings of the PTO Board are typically held on Wednesdays. Those on the PTO Board are encouraged to attend these meetings. These meetings are open to all PTO members and the public.


Secretary, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Attend BEST PTO meetings, record meeting minutes and distribute them after each meeting, including to the BEST PTO website. 
  • Create and distribute PTO agendas ahead of each meeting. 
  • Manage BEST calendar. 
  • Manage committee chair list. 
  • Scheduling and securing meeting/event locations as needed. 


Treasurer, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Manage all PTO funds – deposits, paying vendors and reimbursing volunteers and staff as necessary. 
  • Check mail at both schools. 
  • Prepare cash boxes for events.  
  • Keep up-to-date, detailed and accurate financial reports using Quickbooks software. 
  • Develop and track annual budget in Google Sheets. 
  • Certain annual duties, such as applying for raffle permits, renewing insurance and charitable status, signing IRS forms and annual forms (done by hired accountant), send 1099s for vendors, etc. 
  • Prepare and present budget at Annual Meeting (held in the Fall).


Communications Team, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Create and distribute weekly newsletter
  • Share information on the social media platforms regarding upcoming events and important PTO information.  
  • Update Facebook Website and Membership Toolkit with Newsletter content
  • Manage sponsors/advertisers for Newsletter, Facebook and Membership Toolkit
  • Sending relevant newsletter content to Davis and Lane for e-newsletters


Membership Toolkit Coordinator, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

The BEST PTO membership directory is a key part of bringing the Bedford Public Elementary Schools  community together. The directory is a key offering of our PTO using Membership Toolkit and is what enables all of the family communications and connections.  Responsibilities at the beginning of the year include sending email at the beginning of the year to ask families to do directory updates and pre-loading a list of contacts into the directory through the Membership Toolkit tool.  On a periodic basis throughout the year, the directory team also validates new members with school administration to approve access to the directory.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours at the beginning of the school year to pre-load contacts in the directory.  1-2 hours of directory updates and emails per month during flexible hours.


Lane Liaison, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Handle Lane specific events, requests and questions
  • First point of contact for Lane specific committee chairs
  • Manage Lane advisory board election (does not need to be done until 2024-2025 school year)
  • Other possible opportunities include: (1) Assisting with Field Day and Baseball Day, (2) Assisting committee chairs for 5th Grade Events such as Challenge Day, Talent Show, and Puberty Unit.


Room Helper Coordinator (FILLED)

Room Helpers are the most vital volunteers in our school and directly help the classroom teachers with class parties, additional supplies and enhancements for the class, and classroom community building.  We are looking for two Room Helper Coordinators to recruit, train, and organize all of the Room Helper volunteers across Davis and Lane.  Most of the responsibilities are at the beginning of the academic year and include: creating a Room Helper registration form, holding 2 room helper training meetings, and sending emails/templates to all room helpers to ensure the Fall room helper introduction packet is sent for every classroom..  Continued responsibilities through the year include: answering questions and providing guidelines, reminding room helpers about budgets and PTO events, and forwarding email communications to communication leads and/or all room helpers.  All of this information is templatized. 

Time Commitment: ~1 hour per week for emails/meetings during flexible hours and coordinate with Davis and Lane Liaisons to provide necessary updates at PTO Meetings.

Fall Family Photos Coordinator, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

Coordinate with Hayward Photography or local photographer to offer photography session (about 10 min per family). Make sure to book rain date and publish on Membership Toolkit. Sessions can be booked through MTK. 


School Photo Coordinator, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

Assist students and photographers with forms and lining up classes. Takes place during early Fall 


In-School Volunteer Coordinator, 2023-2024 (FILLED)

  • Coordinate with administration and specific staff regarding specific volunteer needs such as art, recess, library, and lunch. 
  • Collect information and interest from volunteers wishing to volunteer in school during school hours. 
  • Send out Google Form or other questionnaire to gather volunteer information. Follow up with Sign-Up Genius for projects needing in-school volunteers.